BML Transportation Services will make every attempt to get you to your scheduled appointment on time. However, you should be aware that there are times when delays may occur due to inclement weather, road conditions, traffic backups, and other unexpected reasons. Should one of the above issues arise, dispatch will contact you immediately so that the right accommodations can be made to secure your scheduled appointment.

Scheduling a Reservation
When calling to reserve a ride, please have the following information ready:

  • Your full name
  • Your home address
  • Pick-up address, including street number, street name, building name, suite number (if known), ZIP code, entry code for any security entrances, and telephone number
  • Your desired pick-up time
  • Your requested return time, (if you are scheduling a round-trip)
  • Drop-off address, including street number, street name, suite number, ZIP code, and telephone number at your destination (for example, your physician’s office telephone number).

Alert the reservation agent if:

  • You are scheduling a “multiple-leg” trip (for example, three one-way trips in the same day).
  • You will be accompanied by an attendant and/or a companion.
  • Any other information you feel the vehicle operator should have to help you travel in a safe and timely manner.

Please be ready for pick-up as early as one hour before your appointment time for out of county trips and thirty minutes before all in county trips. Each scheduled client will receive a call reminder the day prior to their scheduled transportation appointment and ten minutes prior to the driver’s arrival. Any call reminders that are not confirmed will automatically cancel the client’s trip.

Receiving a Return Trip Home

  • Once you are finished with your appointment and ready for your return pickup, please call dispatch at (800) 372-6179.
  • When calling for a return trip, you MUST be at the same location where you were dropped off unless you scheduled a pick up from another location when you scheduled your reservation.
  • Give the name of the person for whom you are calling for a return.
  • Be sure to have the name and address of the place from where you are being picked up.
  • If you have scheduled another destination (pharmacy, lab work, etc.), please inform the dispatcher at that time.
  • Failure to call and/or cancel a return trip may result in a “No Show”.

Cancelling a Reservation

  • Please contact dispatch at (800) 372-6179 to cancel your scheduled reservation.
  • You will receive a same day cancellation if you do the following:

o Call to cancel after 1:00 PM on the day before your
reservation or if you cancel on the same day at least two hours
before your reservation.

  • If you call to cancel your reservation less than two hours prior to your reservation, you will receive a “No-Show”.
  • If you cannot call during regular business hours, a representative is available 24/7 to assist you with any accommodations relevant to cancelling a transportation trip.


No-Show Policy
A “No-Show” flag will be added to a client’s record when one of the following situations occurs:

  • Not being ready within 5 minutes after transportation arrives.
  • Cancelling a ride less than two hours before the scheduled pickup time.
  • Not cancelling a scheduled pickup time.
  • Not cancelling a scheduled return trip.
  • Choosing not to ride after the vehicle arrives for the pickup.


Three (3) no-shows within a 90-day period is considered excessive and will result in the following:

  • The cancellation of all other scheduled trips.
  • The client being placed on a 30-day suspension of services.


Same Day Cancellation Policy

  • Failure to adhere to cancellation deadlines will result in a client receiving a same-day-cancellation.
  • Receiving three (3) same day cancellations will be equivalent to receiving one “No-Show”.
  • A cancellation fee that is equal to the amount of the trip will be applied to all “No-Show” appointments.
  • In the event that a provider declines payment of services/fees, clients may be personally responsible for the charges therein. No exception!


A 10% discount will be applied to all scheduled non-emergency/taxi-shuttle service appointments. This discount only applies to Active Duty Service Members, Veterans and Senior Citizens with proof of identification. Just show us your identification and we’ll show you our appreciation.

Medicaid Client Information: If you are a Medicaid client and would like BML to transport you, please call Medicaid directly at (800) 362-1504 and request for services to be provided by BML Transportation Services, LLC when scheduling your appointment.





BML Transportation is just a phone call, email and a quick drive away from you.


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Monday through Friday : 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday : By Appointment Only.