Thomas Hardy Jr.


BML Transportation Services, LLC

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My name is Thomas Hardy and I am the owner of BML Transportation Services LLC.  I am a service-disabled veteran born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama (Southlawn Estates and Twin Gates) area. I graduated from George Washington Carver High School in 1999, shortly thereafter; I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. During my time in the Marines, I saw combat action in Iraq and went on multiple deployments to several foreign countries. I served with the fighting 1st Battalion 5th Marine Regiment.

 After serving four years honorably in the United States Marines Corps, I moved back to Montgomery, AL and became a Correctional Officer for the State of Alabama Department of Corrections. After a year as a State Correctional Officer, I left that position and was selected for employment with the Federal Bureau of Prisons as a Correctional Officer, which had me relocating to North Carolina. I worked for the Federal Bureau of Prisons as a Correctional Officer for three years. After three years working for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, I began new employment with the United States Marshals Service and relocated to Alexandria, Louisiana. After three years in Louisiana, The United States Marshals Service relocated my position to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where I currently reside and continue employment with the United States Marshals Service.

I started BML Transportation Services, LLC in January 2014. This business prospect had been weighing heavily on my mind since January of 2003. After witnessing my family struggle to get transportation to and from their medical appointments and seeing the undue stress my loved ones went through, I decided that one day I would pursue a business that would dedicate its time and resources to helping individuals in need of transportation services. I chose to name my transportation business (BML) utilizing the initials of my mother, Barbara, my maternal grandmother, Mary and my fraternal grandmother, Leanna as a way to honor the three most influential women in my life.

This small business is my way of giving back to the community. By providing those individuals who are in need of specialized transportation with a high-quality dependable transportation service. As owner, of BML Transportation Services, LLC, I pledge to treat you and your love ones with care, respect and provide them with a safe dependable mode of transportation.